LoremBoard provides services that will generate revenue (detail). Lorem Holder will get the DVN-airdrop by the ratio of shares.

Because we used the word 'dividend', it may not be legal from the regulator rules so we have to change it to 'DVN-airdrop'.

How it works

Lorem Token contract has a feature called 'snapshot', snap lorem holding data, the DVN-airdrop ratio will be calculated from the snapped data.

Revenue from a Limit order exchange fee

The user who uses this service will be charged a fee, this fee will be separated into 2 parts 'LoremBoard Operation Cost' and 'DVN-Airdrop'

For now, we are currently determining the ratio of both parts.

(Detail of functions can be read from Multi-chain best rate limit order)

Revenue from other services

We are currently determining what is the best way we pay LOREM holders the DVN-airdrop. The LOREM holder will get the DVN-airdrop from our customer payment or any revenue channels.

Something like this

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