About Us

What is LoremBoard ?

LoremBoard is your investment oracle, that will give you helpful insights before making decisions on any investments. We collected, displayed, analyzed, notified, and suggested to you any kind of information.

Check out our Mission & Vision section.

How we started

We are Defi farmers who used to manually record our investment performance into spreadsheets day by day, "Why we don't create an App to record and visualize our invest ?", so that's the beginning of all things.

In the very beginning, we decided to create a web application called LoremBoard to help us track our investments.

After we launched a beta version in public, a lot of wallets have been added to our app, for the record at that time we have 73% active wallet. (June 2021, we have $1,400M tracked assets value)


So we decided to make things more serious, we had to set up plans to settle up the sustainable systems. But to kick it start we need partners, so we need to launch our token called "LOREM" to be a utility token.

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