Pro User

How to be a pro user

The token holder can access Pro Features in LoremBoard we called Pro User by the holding options in 2 ways (Choose one of these):

  1. Hold at least 149 LOREMs in your wallet.

  2. The total value of your lorem-side assets (token, LP-token) is more than $149 for example : LOREM-BNB LP = 200$ we count only LOREM part = 100$

We provide users with 2 options, each option will suit the price moving situation.

Pro User's privilege list

We divide privileges into 4 categories :


  • Portfolio

  • History

  • Farm Simulator

  • Best rate

  • Farm Radar

  • Arbitrage Scanner

  • Wallet Subscribe

  • Gainer Ranking

Data collection

  • Data collector Interval works more often. (collect every 30 minutes but 3 Hours for Normal Users)

  • The data collector can be triggered to work, after your last transaction is confirmed for 5 minutes data collector will be triggered to work.

  • The data collector can be triggered to work manually by clicking a button.

  • Your data will not be deleted, Normal User's data will be deleted if they don't active (Surf our board) for 3 days.


  • Can view your Impermanent loss

  • Can view your Harvest Analyzer

  • Can view all performance for last 3 months (currently, we provide last 1 month UI), Normal User can only view last 48 hours max.

  • [Future] - Can view top 20 gainer wallet investment detail, Normal User can only view 6th - 20th.

  • [Future] - Fully access farm suggestion, and view lorem score for that farm.

  • Fully Privilege for other features in the future.


  • Receive airdrop with bonus see more detail in the AirDrop section.

  • Ads Free.

  • Another privilege in the future.

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